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Cancellations – Clients

Sometimes plans change and sessions get cancelled. We get it, life can be unpredictable sometimes, but cancellations can be frustrating for workers. You can help ease these frustrations by being courteous and following these guidelines:

  • If a session is booked in the app both the worker and client are expected to be there. If you can’t make it, you must cancel the session in the app.
  • Give as much notice as possible if you are cancelling. This gives clients time to find an alternative worker and workers time to accept an alternative session.
  • Cancel the session in the app.

Each month Suitsme has a look at the cancellation data. If you’re regularly getting charged for cancellations, we’ll touch base with you to check in.

What should I do if my worker cancels a session?

Suitsme strives to make sure you get the support you need, when you need it.

In some cases, you can work out an alternative directly with workers:

  • by booking a different worker in the app, or
  • by messaging with your preferred worker to arrange support at a different time.

If that doesn’t work for you, then contact us and we will be happy to help.

Suitsme can’t always find a replacement worker at a specific time, particularly with short notice, but we will do our best to work with you to find an alternative worker or time that suits you.

When will I be charged?

  • If a worker cancels a session, then you won’t be charged. If you re-book with another worker, then you will be charged for that session but not the original one.
  • If you cancel with at least eight hours’ notice, then you won’t be charged.
  • If you cancel with less than eight hours’ notice you will be charged for the full session.
    • If Suitsme is actively managing your services (i.e making bookings and cancellations on your behalf), then the eight hours notice must be during business hours (9-5 Monday to Friday)
  • If you cancel at the door or don’t attend, you will be charged for the full session and worker travel costs.
  • If you end the session early, you will be charged for the whole session.

Cancellations due to incidents

A session may be cut short if there is an incident. In these cases, Suitsme will charge the client for the entire booked session and pay the worker for the entire booked session.