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Deactivating worker profiles

There are situations where Suitsme will deactivate a workers profile. Deactivating your profile does not mean you are no longer employed by Suitsme, that is managed through a separate process.

If we deactivate your profile, we will contact you to let you know:

  • We have deactivated your profile
  • Why we deactivated it

We will also contact any clients who you had existing bookings with and let them know what has happened.

As you will see below, most of the time you are required to do something to get your profile reactivated. If you have not made contact with us to have your profile re-activated within 6 months from the date of deactivation, we will contact you to discuss your intentions and employment with Suitsme.

Why has my profile been deactivated?

The main reasons we would deactivate your profile are:

Poor performance

If there is an allegation of poor performance or that you have breached Suitsme’s rules, Suitsme may deactivate your account either temporarily or permanently.

More information on this is available in the People Development document

Lack of activity

If you don’t action two or more session requests in a one month period (either accept or reject them) we will deactivate your profile and email you to let you know. It is your responsibility to get back in touch with us and request that your profile be reactivated.

Your Verification Lapses

If anything changes which impacts your ability to safely deliver services (see Code of conduct and your contract) we will deactivate your profile until this is resolved.

You ask us to

If you wish to set your availability to none (for example you are taking extended leave and don’t know when you will return) you can contact Suitsme management and we will deactivate your profile. We do it this way so that you no longer appear when clients search for a worker. You can get in touch with us when you want to re-activate your profile.