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About Suitsme Workers

Are workers qualified?

Yes. All our workers have a minimum qualification of a Cert III in community services or a similar field. We have a diverse range of workers with a diverse range of qualifications. Many workers include their qualifications in the “About me” section of their profile.

Have a look on the client page, guiding your workers for more information.

Can I bring my own worker?

Yes. Suitsme is driven by our values which include Human Connection and Real Client Centricity. If you already have a relationship with a worker and want to keep working with them, then we encourage you to bring their worker to Suitsme.

If you want to bring your own worker, please contact us to let us know. We will prioritise your worker’s registration so they can be available for you to book as soon as possible.

The worker will need to meet all of Suitsme’s usual criteria to be registered on the app. We explain the process for workers to sign up here.