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App troubleshooting – Workers

What happens if I can’t access the internet?

You will still be able to access information that is already in the app, for instance you will be able to see your upcoming sessions, the profiles of clients you have sessions booked with and Suitsme management’s number in the help section.

Without the internet, you can’t send or receive information so, for instance, you won’t be able to mark sessions complete, receive/accept session requests, send/recieve messages or submit incident reports. Hence it is important that you try to get access to the internet as soon as you can. You can access free WiFi at most libraries, McDonald’s and many cafes.

The most important thing is that you continue with your day as planned so clients get the support they are expecting; keep attending all confirmed sessions. If you have client’s phone numbers you should call them prior to attending to confirm the session and to let them know you are not receiving their messages.

If an incident occurs or you need additional client information, call Suitsme management.

What do I do if something in the app isn’t working?

Here are a few things to try that will fix most issues:

  1. Refresh the app by putting your finger in the middle of the screen and dragging down.
  2. Force close and then reopen the app. Here’s a guide of how to do this on iOS and Android. You can also achieve this by turning your phone off and on again.
  3. Delete the Suitsme app form your phone, then reinstall it.

If these steps don’t work, contact Suitsme management and we’ll help you. When you do, it’s helpful if you:

  1. Record your screen to show us what is happening when your app stops working.
  2. Can tell us exactly what you were doing in the app prior to the issue.