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Appeals process

Suitsme management sometimes adds information to client’s profiles. Suitsme management do this to ensure workers have all the information they need to keep themselves and clients safe.

These notes come from:

  • Onboarding meeting.
  • Information that a client tell Suitsme management but that they have not added to their profile.
  • From incident and hazard reports submitted by workers.
  • Information provided by people who a client has given us permission to talk to, e.g. a support coordinator or clinical team.

Here are a few examples:

  • Suitsme management calls a client to complete an initial risk assessment and the client tells suitsme management that they own a big dog which they do not keep tied up. Suitsme management adds “client has a big dog who may not be restrained” to the client’s profile.
  • Suitsme management is contacted by a client’s support coordinator. The support coordinator advises Suitsme management that the last time they visited the client there were two unknown people there, smoking meth. Suitsme management adds “possible drug use in house” and “unknown associates in house” to the client’s profile.
  • A client gets upset with a staff member and threatens to beat them up. The staff member leaves immediately and reports this as an incident. Suitsme management adds “client has been aggressive to staff” to the client’s profile.

If you are not happy with the information we are adding, you can appeal it by following the process below. The information must be added before a worker visits you again, even if you are appealing the decision, we still add the information and it remains there while the appeal is processed.

Appeals Process

  1. Inform Suitsme that you are unhappy with the information in your profile.
  2. Explain why the information should be removed. Continuing with the examples above you might explain:
  • I no longer have a dog or I am now keeping my dog locked in the back yard when workers come around.
  • I moved to a new house and those people no longer know where I live.
  • I was experiencing psychosis at the time; I was aggressive because I was unwell.

3. Suitsme management will consider your appeal and let you know what we decide within two business days. Possible outcomes are:

  • The information is removed.
  • Someone from Suitsme attends to verify the change of circumstance and the information is removed.
  • We negotiate with you to amend the information so that both you and Suitsme are happy that it is accurate.
  • We work with you and put a plan in place so that the information can be removed in the future.
  • The information remains on your profile.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of an appeal, you can: