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Can I work any session I want to?

Can I work any session I want to?

Almost. There are some rules. You should not accept a session if:

  • It will result in more than 30 minutes travel directly from one client to another.
  • The session would put you over 10 hours worked that day.
  • The session would put you over 38 hours worked in that week (Monday – Sunday).
  • The session would result in you working more than 5 hours straight without a 30 minute, unpaid meal break.

The meal break is complicated. Basically, you have the right to take lunch at work and there are two options on how to do this:

  1. You can take a 30 minute, unpaid break to ensure you won’t work more than 5 hours straight; OR
  2. You can have lunch with a client as part of your shift (in which case you don’t take a break and you get paid while you have lunch). Obviously, you can only do this if it works for the client.

It is your responsibility to manage this. If the app shows that you have worked more than 5 hours straight, Suitsme will assume that you had lunch with the client.

We are working on making the app smarter so that you only receive booking requests that you can accept. In the meantime we really appreciate your help in monitoring your own compliance with these rules.


Some visas restrict the number of hours you are allowed to work. For example, if you are on a student visa you cannot work more than 40 hours in a fortnight when your study session is happening.

If you are on a visa with restrictions:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you do not work more hours than your Visa allows.
  • If you violate the conditions of your visa we will report this to immigration. If you lose your work rights as a result, your employment will be terminated.

Out of App Sessions

Sometimes a client might ask you to work with them, but they have not booked the session in the app. For example they may message you through the app and ask if you can come see them.

As per Suitsme’s code of conduct, every session must be booked in the app, but you can help client to book you.

  1. Encourage the client to make a booking through the app.
  2. Encourage the client to contact Suitsme on 6115 0013 if they need help making a booking
  3. You can contact Suitsme on 6115 0013 or hi@suitsme.app and ask Suitsme admin to make the booking.

Out of App Sessions on weekends

Outside of business hours Suitsme does not respond to 6115 0013 or hi@suitsme.app. If you need assistance on the weekend then follow this document and submit an incident report in the app. On-call will then assist you to get the session booked in.