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Client App Profiles

Who can see my profile?

Your profile will only be visible to workers who you have requested a booking with. 

If a worker can see your profile, then they can see everything on it including your safety plan and goals. They need this information so they can support you.

Workers can only see your profile for a limited period if you stop requesting bookings with them.

Where does my information come from?

You give it to us.

When you register, we put together a very basic profile with your:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Approximate age
  • Photo (if you add one)
  • Important to know
  • Key contacts

What do I put in Important to know?

Anything that is important for your worker to know so that they can support you the way you want to be supported (have a look at Guiding your workers for more information).

Some examples are:

  • Whether you have pets
  • Your diagnosis
  • Any known triggers
  • What involvement you want your key contacts to have

Can I add more information on my profile?

Yes. Once you have set up an account, you can add more details to your profile in the “My Account” tab.

Here you can add:

  • Things you are into or would like to try;
  • Languages you speak; and
  • About you. This is a free text box that you can put any extra information that you want.

Is there another way to give staff information?

Yes, once a worker has accepted your booking request you will be able to message them via the app. You can give them extra information this way too.

What is good to communicate to staff once they accept my booking?

Anything they need to know/bring for an activity that day. For example, if you want to play tennis with them, they need to know to bring sportswear.

Specific instructions for the shift such as:

  • Where to park (or where not to park).
  • Which door to use.
  • To message you when they arrive.
  • Meet somewhere other than your house.

What if the information is wrong or out of date?

If you think we’ve added information that is wrong, or no longer relevant, please contact Suitsme management to discuss this. Suitsme will follow the appeals process when responding to your request.