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How am I employed?

Suitsme employs workers under the Social, Community, Home care and Disability Services  Industry Award  2010 (SCHADS)  (‘the Award’)

You are employed by Suitsme on a casual contract. You are classified as casual because:

  • Client’s choose whether to offer you work
  • You can choose whether to accept offers of work
  • You are offered hours based on client’s needs

As a result, you are paid 25% casual loading on top of your base rate.

Can I move to a permanent part time or full time position?

Under the Fair Work Act you have the right to become a permanent (full-time or part-time) employee in some circumstances. The details for this are outlined in the Fairwork Casual Employment Information Statement which is provided to you within your contract, when you start with Suitsme.

If you meet these conditions:

  • you have been employed by the employer for 12 months
  • you have worked a regular pattern of hours on an ongoing basis for at least the last 6 months
  • you could continue working these hours as a full-time or part-time employee without significant changes.

then Suitsme is required to make you a written offer to convert your casual employee to permanent employment within 21 days of the employee’s 12-month anniversary or write to you within 21 days of the employee’s 12 month anniversary, telling you:

  • that we aren’t making an offer of casual conversion
  • the reasons for not making the offer.

You can also request casual conversion if you meet the conditions outlined above. This request must be made in writing and emailed to hi@suitsme.app.

Upon receiving your request, Suitsme needs to respond in writing within 21 days and tell you if we have or haven’t accepted the request. If Suitsme refuses the request, we also have to tell you the reasons why in our written response. Suitsme can’t refuse your request unless we have discussed the request with you and have reasonable grounds to refuse the request.

If accepted the employee will become a part-time or full time employee and the conversion will take effect from the start of the next pay cycle.

If you are on a permanent contract, you must provide enough availability that you can be booked for your contracted hours. If all your contracted hours are not booked in a fortnight then you are not entitled to decline a shift unless you have booked leave.