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Job description

Classified as pay point 2.1 under Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010.

Position Intention

You are responsible for providing support to clients to assist them to achieve the goals in their NDIS plan. All support you provide must be in accordance with the National Standards for Disability Services.

As a support worker you are accountable to the clients you support and to Suitsme. Suitsme sets the frameworks which you must always follow. The framework includes the Code of conduct, mission, vision and values and all Suitsme documents.

Within Suitsme’s framework:

  • Always behave in a professional caring manner.
  • The client is your boss, they will give you general guidance on how to fulfil your duties.
  • You can use your initiative and judgement to problem solve. Guidance is available to you if you need it.

The clients that you work with will explain your specific duties. All tasks should be completed with clients and not for clients wherever possible. Duties are likely to be in one of these areas:

  • Support with goal setting and care plans.
  • Support clients to achieve their individual goals.
  • Support clients to connect with their community.
  • Support clients to develop and maintain relationships.
  • Assistance with household tasks such as shopping, cooking and laundry.
  • Assistance with daily living skills such as budgeting, paying bills, and making and attending appointments.
  • Assist people with their physical health and wellbeing for example, finding and attending a doctor, supporting them with healthy eating, setting a positive example by not smoking with clients.
  • Supporting people to maintain their tenancy for example, cleaning or gardening.
  • Completing administration tasks.
  • Reporting incidents, risks, complaints and continuous improvements.

Safety and Wellbeing

You are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of Suitsme. You are required to:

  • Assess risks as they arise.
  • Report risks and incidents to Suitsme.
  • Perform tasks within the scope of your role.

Out of scope tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in an activity if there is a risk to your safety.
  • Engaging in any activity which may cause reputational damage to yourself or Suitsme.
  • Any illegal activity.
  • Providing any advice or service that is beyond your skills, knowledge or role such as:
    • Intervening to resolve a crisis.
    • Administering medication.
    • Providing medical or financial advice.
  • Operating heavy machinery.

If ever you are not sure as to whether a task is within the scope of your role, call Suitsme for advice immediately.

Skills, experience and qualifications

Clients will determine the exact skills, experience and qualifications they require their workers to have. Suitsme encourages you to make this information clear to clients on your profile so they can make an informed decision.

Essential Skills

  • Willingness and ability to work within and contribute to Suitsme’s mission, vision and values.
  • Basic digital literacy to use apps, email and participate in digital community of practice.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to model positive behaviours, life skills and coping mechanisms.
  • Ability to work within the National Standards for Disability Services, NDIS Code of Conduct, NDIS Practice Standards and other relevant legislation.

Suitsme also has minimum requirements for all workers: