How can we help?

Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Suitsme is committed to supporting you during natural disasters and Emergencies (this including bushfires, floods, severe weather and pandemics). 

If you are in an emergency situation and need immediate support, it is important to dial triple zero (000).

The best way that we can all manage through a Natural Disaster or Emergency is to be prepared.

How does Suitsme prepare for Natural Disasters and Emergencies?

Suitsme has prepared a plan for how we will respond to natural disasters and emergencies and we review this regularly.

The short version of this plan is that if there is a natural disaster or emergency we will:

  • Keep up to date with formal advice from official sources.
  • Provide clients and workers with timely and up to date information via email about natural disasters and emergencies that may affect you.
  • Work with clients to ensure essential supports can continue.
  • We’ll talk to clients and workers about the support you need to manage the natural disaster and help as best we can.

How can I prepare for a Natural Disaster or Emergency

Suitsme strongly encourages all clients and workers to prepare for Natural Disasters and Emergencies. There is no one right way to prepare, the most important thing is that you start thinking about it. There are lots of resources that can help prompt your thinking and here are some of them:

How does Suitsme support clients to prepare for a natural disaster?

Preparing for natural disasters and emergencies is a process. It will take time for you to develop a full plan and take actions to be prepared. Suitsme treats this as an iterative process that will leave you more and more prepared as time goes on.

  1. Preparation starts in your first meeting with Suitsme. During this meeting we make a safety plan with you and this includes what you want us to do in the event that a worker calls emergency services for you.
  2. In your first one or two sessions we will start a discussion with you about disaster preparedness. We probably won’t finish the plan in those meetings but together we will come up with some practical steps you can take to be more prepared and record these as goals to work on.
  3. As you continue your support with Suitsme we will continue to talk to you about your disaster and emergency plan. Sometimes this will be with your worker and sometimes it will be with one of Suitsme’s Engagement and Recovery Leads.

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