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Non face to face support

What is non face to face support?

It’s when a Suitsme provides you with a service without a worker being physically with you. 

It can mean Suitsme staff supporting you via technology, without visiting you. For example over the phone or video chat (Telehealth).

It can also mean Suitsme staff doing things for you, without you present. For example:

  • Going to do your shopping
  • Collecting prescriptions on our behalf
  • Helping you to arrange delivery of essential items
  • Pretty much doing your daily, odd jobs for you
  • Writing reports
  • Providing additional supports as listed in Suitsme’s service agreement (where mutually agreed)

When does Suitsme provide non face to face support?

Non-face-to-face supports can be provided any time that it represents the best use of your funds. We agree on the best use of your funds by getting to know you and understanding your NDIS plan and goals.

You may choose to receive non-face-to-face supports in disaster and emergency circumstances, such as a lockdown due to Covid-19.

What can my Mental Health Support worker and I do in non-face-to-face sessions?

It can be as simple as checking in and having someone to chat with or you can also get creative and do fun stuff as you hang out virtually. Here are some ideas of how you can stay connected to your worker remotely:

  • Keep each other motivated and do an at-home workout. There are heaps of workouts on Youtube that are designed to do at home with no equipment, and are suitable for all levels of fitness. Here’s one you could try.
  • It doesn’t have to be a workout; pretty much any activity can be done while you’re hanging out virtually. Here are some examples:
    • Yoga
    • Learn to sketch or paint
    • Listen to music or jam together. You can share playlists on Spotify or Youtube
    • Watch a movie together. We recommend the Netflix party app for this.
    • Play online games together.
    • Play online or app-based board games together
  • If you’re not confident with technology, this is a great opportunity to learn some new skills. Your worker can help you do things like sorting out your emails and learning to share documents online.
  • If we’re stuck inside, it’s a good opportunity to set some goals and get ready for your next NDIS plan

We’re sure you can think of lots of other ideas and we’d love to hear what you come up with!