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Pausing and Ceasing Services

Guiding principles

Suitsme never wants to pause or cease your services and we believe that through open communication, pausing and ceasing services can be avoided in most instances. 

If we make a decision to pause or cease your services against your wishes then it will be in the context of extensive discussion or attempts to contact you to discuss.

Suitsme will never withdraw supports solely based on a dignity of risk choice that you have made.


Pausing services

  • Is a temporary or interim measure while we work through a concern
  • Can involve preventing you from accessing the app for a time limited period

Ceasing Services

  • Is a long term measure. It means Suitsme tells you that we are not going to support you anymore. 

Breach of Service agreement

In the Service agreement, we explain what we expect of you. Suitsme reserves the right to pause your services to investigate any breach of the service agreement. The most likely reasons we would pause or cease services is due to a breach relating to:

Staff Safety

Suitsme have an obligation to provide a safe working environment for staff. Some things that can make staff feel unsafe are:

  • Aggression towards them or around them
  • People using drugs or being intoxicated around them
  • Unexpected people being present for the support session

Suitsme is unable to claim your funding

NDIA Managed Funding

When you sign up with Suitsme a “Service Booking” is created in the NDIS portal. If you alter or delete this “Service Booking” and Suitsme is not able to claim your funding, then you won’t be able to make bookings until this is resolved.

Self/Plan Managed Funding

You are responsible for ensuring invoices are paid. We will contact you to follow up on unpaid invoices, however if you refuse to pay or don’t respond, then we may pause supports until the matter is resolved.

Investigation Process

If you breach the terms of our service agreement, we will talk to you about it. If we can’t resolve the matter quickly then we may pause your services while we investigate the matter.

We will keep you informed during the investigation and will let you know the outcome. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, we will consider a range of options including:

  • Restarting services
  • Adding additional information to your profile and then restarting services
  • Placing restrictions on your account so that you can only book with certain workers.
  • Ceasing services

Ceasing Services

If we cease services, we will:

  • Give you at least 14 days notice in writing
  • End your service agreement
  • Return any unspent funds to your plan.

We will also offer to provide any the following. We charge your plan/funding to do these tasks and it’s up to you whether you want us to do them or not:

  • Support you to find an alternative provider. We will charge you for the time 
  • “Handover” to your new provider – This means we share the information that we have about you so that you can avoid having to retell your story and preferences.
  • Write a report which can be used as evidence in your next plan review.