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Payment questions

How much do I get paid?

As a Mental Health Support Worker, you are paid in accordance with the Social, Community, Home care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (SCHADS Award).

If you are employed as a casual worker, then your pay is comprised of a base rate and 25% casual loading.

Hourly Pay Rates for Casual Support Workers (as of 4/7/22)

Excluding SuperIncluding Super (10.5%)
Public Holidays$83.77$92.57
Kilometres Reimbursed at$0.92 per km

These pay rates are reviewed annually by Fairwork.

Does Suitsme pay Superannuation?

Suitsme pays a contribution to your super, at least quarterly for eligible employees.

What about Tax?

Tax is deducted automatically from your pay (PAYG withholding) in line with the Australian Taxation Office requirements. Please consult your tax advisor for advice.

When do I get paid?

We use a fortnightly pay period which runs from Monday to Sunday. We process your pay on the Wednesday after the pay period ends, so depending on who you bank with you will receive your pay on either Thursday or Friday after each pay period.

Do I need to do a time sheet?

No, all the information we need in order to pay you is in the app. When you finish with a client you need to mark the session complete; this auto-generates your time sheet. If you are not sure how to do this we have a quick video here.

I worked a shift but didn’t get paid. What’s up with that?

Make sure you marked the session complete. If you didn’t mark the session complete by the last Sunday of the pay cycle, then it won’t have made it to your time sheet. It’s your responsibility to mark the sessions complete so if you missed one then it will be paid in the next pay run.
If you marked all your sessions complete but did not get paid then please email accounts@suitsme.app and we will sort it out asap.

Where is my pay slip?

Your pay slip is emailed to you. If you have not received one or have queries about your pay, please email accounts@suitsme.app

Do I get reimbursed kilometre costs?

It depends. Have a look at the Travel and transport documents for the details.

Do I get reimbursed for meals, entry fees and other costs I incur with a client?

If a client has allocated transport funding to Suitsme, then Suitsme can reimburse you for parking fees and public transport fees that you incur while transporting a client. When you mark the shift complete you will see a field for parking costs (you can put public transport costs in here too). You will be reimbursed in the next pay run.

Suitsme doesn’t reimburse you for any other costs; we tell clients that we expect them to pay for you if they want to do something that will cost you money.

Clients may be eligible for a companion card which will usually cover your entry fees. You can find out more about the companion card here. You may want to suggest that clients add this as a goal and you can help them with an application for a companion card.

How do I change where my pay goes?

If you change bank or anything like that, then you need to complete this form and email it to us.