How can we help?

Service agreement

You sign your service agreement digitally when you sign up through the app. By signing up, you agree to the following:

Informed Consent

You give Suitsme consent to:

  • Record information about you to help us do our work and support you.
  • Talk about you within the team that is supporting you, so we can offer you the best support possible.
  • Collect data and information about your app use including in-app messaging.

We will:

  • Keep your information secure so outside people can’t see it.
  • Only share it with staff at Suitsme who are working with you.
  • Ask your permission before sharing it with people outside Suitsme.
  • Only keep information that is needed to help with your support or to improve our services.
  • Make sure that when we combine information for reports and statistics that it does not identify you or anyone in your family.

You can:

  • Withdraw consent at any time. If you withdraw consent, we may not be able to keep supporting you.
  • Ask to see what information we have about you.
  • Ask to have information updated if it is not correct or has changed.

When will consent be broken?

  • If you are at risk of serious harm to yourself or others.
  • If we are subpoenaed by a court.
  • If a child’s safety is at risk.
  • Unless it is unsafe to do so, we will talk to you and keep you informed if we need to do this.

When will we share information?

  • We will only share information that will improve your access to support.
  • If you give us the details of other people or services that you are working with or that you want us to talk to, we understand this means you give us permission to talk to them too.

Your funding

We charge in accordance with the NDIA price guide.

  • All our rates are published here.
  • We charge an establishment fee if applicable.
  • We may charge for non face to face supports or phone support by tele-health services, where it represents the best use of your funds. This is done by getting to know you, understanding your NDIS plan and goals and may include activities such as:
    • support by tele-heath services, connecting you to other services, supporting you to understand your plan, progress reports and crisis management.
  • We may charge for cancelled services if you don’t give enough notice.
  • Where a worker travels to you directly from another client, we will charge you for their travel time and kms.
  • If the NDIA changes the prices or business rules, then we will change ours too.

Your service

  • You will set the times, days and frequency of your appointments using the app.
  • We will provide reasonable and necessary supports in accordance with your NDIS plan with the funding you assign to Suitsme.
  • You can see the how much funding you have allocated to Suitsme, and how much you have spent in the app.
  • We can only drive you places if you have added transport funding in the app.

What we expect of you

  • Create and maintain your profile on the app.
  • Set and review your goals.
  • Let Suitsme know immediately if your NDIS plan is suspended or replaced by a new NDIS plan, or if you stop being a participant in the NDIS.
  • You will do your part to keep staff safe. This includes:
    • Let staff know if you are physically or mentally unwell.
    • Be sober when staff are with you.
    • Treat all Suitsme staff with respect and never bully or harass them.
  • Be open and honest with Suitsme and your workers.
  • Provide guidance to your workers.
  • Provide feedback to your workers and to Suitsme.
  • Give as much notice as possible if you are going to change or cancel a shift. If you don’t give enough notice and staff still need to be paid, we will charge your funding to pay them.
  • If you have self-managed funds, you need to pay your invoices on time. If you don’t pay, you won’t be able to book more shifts.
  • Never request a booking from a family member or friend.
  • Never propose or accept a private arrangement with a worker outside the app.

What you can expect from us

  • We will verify that all staff are suitably qualified and have appropriate safety checks.
  • We will be honest and fair with any investigation.
  • If you are using your funding too quickly, or too slowly, we will let you know.
  • We will consult with you and listen to you.
  • We will give you as much notice as possible if we suspend or terminate a staff member you are working with.
  • We will take all due care to keep the app up and running, however if there is an outage, you release Suitsme against any claim arising out of inaccessibility or unavailability of the app at any time.
  • If your plan expires you won’t be able to make bookings. We will contact you to see if you need assistance to set up your new plan. If we can’t contact you, we’ll deactivate your profile.
  • If you violate this agreement, we will put services on hold and investigate. If we are going to cease services, we will give you 14 days’ notice.

More information

We make our documents accessible and easy to understand. It’s important that you read and understand the documents listed here. Where a document places obligations on you, it is a condition of this agreement that you comply with them at all times. Suitsme may update these documents at any time and by continuing to make bookings, you accept the updated terms. Suitsme will let you know if there is a big change that affects you. By ticking the box in the app, you are agreeing to all terms as outlined above and in Suitsme documents.

You can search Suitsme documents in the helpdesk section of our website. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.