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Service agreement

Welcome to Suitsme,  we’re thrilled to have you join our wonderful community! 

Please take some time to read through this service agreement. If you have any questions then please contact us via hi@suitsme.app or 08 6115 0013 and we will be happy to explain.

We’ll also make a funding agreement with you in the app or in a separate document.

Suitsme’s service agreement is a living document. The latest version can be found in the app or on our website. You agree to the terms of our latest service agreement, whenever you use the app or receive services from Suitsme.

For a pretty, printer friendly version of this Service Agreement,

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Suitsme the organisation VS Suitsme the app

We have an app, but first and foremost we are a registered NDIS service provider. All the workers you see on the app are employed by Suitsme. We make sure they get paid properly and maintain insurance policies. We offer debriefing, training and supervision for workers.

At Suitsme we are clear that it’s your mental health recovery, and our role is supporting you in a way that suits you.

  • Using our app –  if you want complete choice and control over you supports you can use our app  to view worker profiles, communicate with staff and exercise choice and control in a way that suits you
  • Not using our app – if you want support but do not want to use our app, that’s fine, we can still offer support in a way that maximises choice and control and suits you. 


You give Suitsme consent to:

  • Record information about you to help us do our work and support you
  • Talk about you within the team that is supporting you, so we can offer you the best support possible
  • Communicate with NDIA, NDIS Quality and Safeguarding commission on your behalf
  • If you give us the details of other people or services that you are working with or that you want us to talk to, we understand this means you give us permission to talk to them to
  • Collect data and information about your app use including in app messaging
  • Create and adjust service bookings on your behalf

You can:

  • Withdraw consent at any time. If you withdraw consent, we may not be able to keep supporting you
  • Ask to see what information we have about you
  • Ask to have information updated if it is not correct or has changed

We will:

  • Keep your information secure so outside people can’t see it
  • Only share it with staff at Suitsme who are working with you
  • Only keep information that is needed to help with your support or to improve our services
  • Make sure that when we combine information for reports and statistics that it does not identify you or anyone in your family

When will we share information without your consent?

  • If you are at risk of serious harm to yourself or others
  • If we are subpoenaed by a court
  • If a child’s safety is at risk

Unless it is unsafe to do so, we will talk to you and keep you informed if we need to do this.

Mutual Respect

You agree to:

Work with Suitsme to set and review your goals, safety plan and app profile.

Do your part to keep staff safe. This includes:

  • Let staff know if you are physically or mentally unwell.
  • Be sober when staff are with you.
  • Treat all Suitsme staff with respect and never threaten or harass them.

Be open and honest with Suitsme and your workers

Provide guidance to your workers and feedback to Suitsme.

Pay for sessions that you cancel with either:

  • via the app giving less than 8 hours notice
  • via any other means giving less than 8 business hours notice

Never request a booking from a family member or friend

Never propose or accept a private arrangement with a worker outside the app

Let Suitsme know immediately if your NDIS plan is suspended, replaced by a new NDIS plan, or if you stop being a participant in the NDIS.

Suitsme agrees to:

Ensure that all staff are suitably qualified and have appropriate safety checks

Be honest and fair with you at all times.

Act in accordance with our policies which are all accessible on our website

Consult with you and listen to you.

Encourage workers to give you as much notice as possible if they cancel a session

Give you as much notice as possible if we suspend or terminate a staff member you are working with.

Deliver services in a way that suits you.

Follow the plans that we make together, such as your safety plan and your disaster and emergency plan.

Your Services

Suitsme offers a range of service options depending on your preferences and individual situation. When you join Suitsme we will discuss your preferences and agree on the best option for you. You can change options by mutual agreement.

Suitsme’s Core Model

We will maintain a pool of workers. (Free)

When you join us, or if your regular worker stops working with you, we’ll suggest at least one available worker who you can book with. We can also book recurring sessions this worker for you if you want us to (Free)

We will monitor your funding and we will let you know if you are using your funding too quickly, or too slowly. (Free)

We will provide end of plan reports directly to the NDIS, that summarise the support we’ve delivered to you. We will invite you to be part of this process. (We will charge you at your usual weekday hourly rate to write this report.)

We will create and maintain your safety plan, including your disaster and emergency plan. (We will charge you at your usual weekday hourly rate to do this)

Our office based staff are available during business hours to assist with your enquiries. (Free)

Our office based staff can also provide you with phone based support, for example providing a listening ear or debriefing. (We will charge you at your usual weekday hourly rate to do this)

Optional Add-ons

You can complete these tasks yourself, or we can do them for you. If you want us to do them or you then we will charge you at your usual weekday hourly rate.

  • Create and maintain your goals and profile in the app.
  • Guide your workers, providing them with individulised induction and handover
  • Bringing your team together to ensure they are all working together to support you
  • Providing personalised supervision, meetings and training for your team
  • Working and liaising with your other providers
  • Complete or partial management of your service including sending booking requests.
  • Making ad hoc changes to your support arrangements as directed by you. For example e.g. if you decide to change workers or days of support.
  • Individualised recruitment
  • Help to find a worker for you at short notice. Please note that although we will try our best, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to find workers at short notice.

Things Suitsme can’t do

Suitsme workers will not touch your medication or your money/bank card.

Suitsme workers cannot lift you or perform manual handling tasks.

Suitsme cannot act as your formal advocate, however we will connect you to an advocate if you need one.


We charge in accordance with the NDIA price guide. All our rates are published here.

If the NDIA changes the prices or business rules, then we will change ours too.

You can see how much funding you have allocated to Suitsme, and how much you have spent, in the app. If you don’t use the app we can provide you with this information on request. 

The allocation in the app at any given time is the funding agreement between you and Suitsme. 

Thing we can charge you (your funding) for:

  • We will charge you for direct support provided by your support worker.
  • We will charge for cancelled services if you don’t give enough notice.
  • Where a worker travels to you directly from another client, we will charge you for their travel time and kms.
  • We will charge an establishment fee if you allocate enough funding for us to provide 20 hours of weekday support per month.
  • If you want your worker to drive you somewhere, then we will charge you for each km travelled
  • We may charge for non face to face supports where it represents the best use of your funds. You and Suitsme will mutually agree what constitutes best use of your funds. Activities may may include activities such as:
    • support by tele-health services, connecting you to other services, supporting you to understand your plan, progress reports, crisis management and activities listed under Suitsme’s core model in this document.
  • If we’ve mutually agreed for Suitsme to provide optional add-ons as listed in the Your Services section of this document, then we will charge you for those.
  • If we are required to chase up unpaid invoices with you or your plan manager then we will charge you for this time at your usual weekday hourly rate.
  • If you stop using services and we need to contact you to fulfil our duty of care to you and obligations as a registered NDIS provider then we will charge you for this time at your usual weekday hourly rate.

Other things you need to know about funding

To ensure continuity of support, if your plan expires and you haven’t provided us with a new funding allocation, we will assume you are continuing services with us and will roll your previous funding allocation over in the app. We will contact you to get further details and support you to update funding details in the app when we receive your new plan.

Your NDIS funding is yours, and as such, you or your plan nominee are required to ensure you have enough budget to suit your needs and that you can pay for services delivered. 

We will support you in this by monitoring your funding within the app.

Agency (NDIA) Managed Funding

  • You will indicate in the app who is going to make the Service Booking in the NDIA portal.
  • The funding allocation in the Suitsme app will reflect the Service Booking
  • Services will only commence once a service booking is in place
  • Suitsme accepts responsibility for delivering support within the service booking allocation.

Plan Managed Funding

  • You (or Suitsme on your behalf) will make an allocation to Suitsme in the Suitsme app
  • We will check with your plan manager that the funds are available then directly invoice them.
  • Services will only commence once your plan manager has confirmed funds are available.
  • You are responsible for any and all costs associated with services you receive, request or have been agreed to be delivered to you.
  • If payment isn’t received within 30 days of the due date, we reserve the right to refer your case to a debt collection agency. You will be responsible for charges associated with debt collection. 

Self Managed Funding

  • If you have self-managed funds, you need to pay your invoices on time. If you don’t pay, you won’t be able to book more shifts.
  • You are responsible for any and all costs associated with services you receive, request or have been agreed to be delivered to you.
  • If payment isn’t received within 30 days of the due date, we reserve the right to refer your case to a debt collection agency. You will be responsible for charges associated with debt collection. 

Ending this agreement

If you want to cease services and end this agreement then you have to give us notice in writing giving at least 8 business hours notice.

If you violate this agreement, we will talk to you about our concerns. Depending on the severity, we may put services on hold while we investigate and work through it together. 

We will never withdraw support solely based on a dignity of risk choice that you have made.

If we are going to cease services, we will give you at least 14 days’ notice. We will also offer you support to connect with a different provider to enable continuity of support.

No Obligation to provide the app or supports

Suitsme will take all due care to keep the app up and running and we have procedures in place to enable support services to continue even if the app is down. If there is an outage, you release Suitsme against any claim arising out of inaccessibility or unavailability of the app at any time.

Suitsme will strive to provide workers that you can create a meaningful connection with, however external forces may occasionally make this difficult or impossible. Suitsme is under no obligation to arrange or provide you with support workers for one off or ongoing services. If we are unable to provide you with a suitable worker then we’ll talk to you about this and you may decide to end this agreement.