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Share your story

Whether you are a client or a worker, we think you are awesome and we know you are achieving some amazing outcomes. We love to hear your stories and to share them with the Suitsme community and to the wider community. 

Stories are powerful and when you share your experience it helps others to maintain hope and achieve their own goals. Sharing your story doesn’t have to mean writing an essay (although essays are more than welcome). It can be as simple as sharing a picture of yourself working on one of your goals, or maybe video yourself sharing some strategies that you find helpful to maintain your wellbeing.

How to share stories

Suitsme Community Facebook Group

Suitsme maintains an internal Facebook group. Only clients and workers of Suitsme are allowed to join and see what is posted in there. It’s a safe space where you can share with likeminded people.

  • The group can be found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2982904285065584
  • We encourage you to join, even if it’s just to read what other people post.
  • You can post whatever you like here, for example: photos, videos, stories and resources
  • If you are posting content with other people in it (for example if you are a worker posting pictures of a session with a client) then it’s important that you get their permission before posting.
  • We review this group regularly and we may contact you to request to share your story more widely. Of course it’s up to you and there is no pressure to do so.


We’re always looking fore content for our newsletter. We encourage you to email hi@suitsme.app with content. Some things that we love to hear about are:

  • Client stories: 
    • Share your recovery journey
    • How has Suitsme helped you to achieve some of your goals?
  • What do you love about your worker?Worker stories:
    • What drew you into this career? 
    • What do you enjoy about your role?
  • Worker and client:
    • What do you do together in sessions?
    • What are your shared interests?
    • What have you bonded over?
  • Worker tips and hints
    • How do you maintain your own wellbeing?
    • What community resources do you find useful?
    • How do you build rapport with clients?
    • How do you support clients to achieve their goals?

Privacy and Consent

It’s your story and it stays that way when you share it with us. You can tell us whether you want us to:

  • Share your story externally, for example on our social media pages
  • Share your story internally, for example in our newsletters
  • De-identify your story so you remain anonymous

If you are identified in your story, then we’ll ask you to sign a consent form allowing us to share your story.