How to Find a Mental Health Support Worker

Having a mental health support system can help to reduce feelings of isolation and provide an outlet for one’s emotions. It allows individuals to cope with difficult times, to understand their experience, and to gain skills to manage their condition. 

Mental health support can come from friends, family members, psychologists, psychiatrists, and support groups or online communities. Seeking out mental health support is a sign of strength and resilience.

Sources for Mental Health Support

Ask your local mental health charity for a referral 

Many of the larger charities have dedicated mental health support workers who can provide tailored and targeted assistance to those in need.

Speak to your doctor or health professional 

Many health professionals will be able to refer you to a mental health support worker in your area, or suggest other resources that may be useful.

Look online for a local service 

There are many online directories and listings for mental health support services, which can help you find a suitable agency or individual to work with. Check for online reviews for services with a good rating and see if their website has customer testimonials. 

Connect with a friend or relative who has used a mental health support worker 

They may be able to provide valuable advice and information about the service they received.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about mental health conditions. However, reaching out and asking for help is an important step in seeking support.

Looking for Support? 

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