Look No Further – We Got Some Podcasts For You!

Hunting for the perfect podcast to better your mental health can be overwhelming; especially with the huge selection the internet has to offer.


Did you know that there are a total of 2 million podcasts since April 2021? And growing. The variety can make decision-making quite a difficult feat.


This is why here at Suitsme, whether you’re a client or a worker, we’ve found some we think are worth a listen. We’ve curated a countdown of sommental health podcasts to share with you


1. All in the Mind

Airs: Sunday at 1pm, Tuesday 1:30pm

Available on: ABC, Apple, Spotify and Google Play


Hosted by award-winning podcaster and journalist, Sana Qadar, All in the Mind explores everything in relation to your mental; the brain, them mind and the behaviour.


Qadar tackles modern-day issues that many of us face, especially during a pandemic which has proven to be quite a difficult, challenging and confusing time for someone’s mental state.

2. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Rating: 4.8 stars

Available on: Apple, Stitched, Spotify and Soundcloud


Not a lot of us are comfortable talking about our mental and emotional traumas, yet we have so many.


This podcast sheds a light on our differences, and that we may have more a lot in common than we think when it comes to these traumas. Host Paul Gilmartin invites celebrities, notable figures and so many more, to speak on their own personal experience with mental health and their own traumas.

3. The WTF Podcast 

Rating 4.6 stars

Available on: Apple, Spotify and Google Play


Another interview style podcast.


Here you get to hear comedian, Marc Maron, have open and candid discussions about mental health. Some of his own experiences, and a few familiar names that may pop by here and there.


You’d be pretty surprised to hear some of his more notable guests have vulnerable discussions about their own mental health.


4. The Happiness Lab by Pushkin

Rating: 4.8 stars

Available on: Apple, Spotify and Stitcher


You might have a good idea as to what a ‘happy life’ really means to you… a great job, more money, social-media worthy vacations. Well, Dr Laurie Santos debunks all of this in The Happiness Lab.


She will take you through ownership of your mind and help you explore how your own behaviour that will change the way you think about happiness and what it really means to have a fulfilled and happy life.

5. Black Dog Institute Podcasts

Rating: 4. 5 stars

Available on: Apple, Stitcher and Spotify


Black Dog Institution is a global pioneer in all things mental health, as well as an advocate for the promotion of an individual’s  mental well-being. Through this podcast, they unveil unique approaches to various clinical services they offer, along with the research, education and voices of those who have lived through similar experiences in hope too reduce the stigma surrounding around mental health and improve lives.


If you’re looking for great testimonials, look no further – this podcast is for you. Full of great stories from different people in all walks of life, you’ll find yourself relating more as you listen to each story. It is okay to talk about mental health, and you’re definitely not alone.


We hope you enjoyed reading through our countdown. And when you’ve had a chance to listen, we would love to hear your thoughts. Come join our Suitsme Facebook and Instagram community because we would love to know what you think!