Service Provider Reports: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

As a registered NDIS provider, it is important to measure and report on participant outcomes. Providers may be requested to supply a progress report to the participant, demonstrating the outcomes achieved through their support efforts.

What is an NDIS service provider report?

Before a client’s NDIS plan is reviewed, Suitsme needs to complete a Service Provider Report containing:

  • What goals our clients have been working towards
  • What have they and you been doing to work towards these goals
  • What goals have been achieved
  • What barriers have been faced
  • Have any risks have been identified; and
  • Recommendations for the next plan.

Suitsme needs to send this to NDIS 6 weeks before the plan end date.

As a Mental Health Support worker, what is my role in provider reports?

As a front-line Mental Health Support worker:

  • You know the client best
  • You have been working alongside the client towards their goals
  • Therefore, you are best placed to complete Provider Reports

What do I need to do as a support worker?

If you are required to complete a provider report for a client you work with then:

  1. We’ll email you 8-10 weeks before the end date of the client’s NDIS plan. 
  2. The email will contain a link to a Google Form to complete. When you receive the email please talk to the client about this and organise for them to book a session via the app that suits you best. For the clients who can’t or don’t want to make a booking, please send an email to hi@suitsme.app with the desired timeslot.
  3. The Provider Reports can be completed with the client during a session, outside of a session as non-face-to-face time, or a combination of both.
  4. The report should take about 2 hours to complete. If it takes a bit longer then you can indicate this in the app when you finalise the session.
  5. You have two weeks from the date you receive the email to complete the provider report

Once you have completed the form, one of our ERLs will review it and send it on to NDIS.

Why do we complete provider reports?

  • Provider reports help to ensure that clients get quality plans with funding that meets their needs.
    • Often, the person writing the plan doesn’t know the client
    • A planning meeting is relatively short and planners and LACs want to review provider reports before the planning meeting
    • Some clients can find it challenging to effectively communicate their needs in a planning meeting.

So, by providing information before the meeting we can counteract these issues and get a good outcome for the client.

  • It helps to keep us all accountable. Clients have funding to achieve their goals – so reporting back on these helps keep everyone on track.
  • We have to. It’s a requirement to deliver services under NDIS.

If you have any questions or queries about this process, please contact hi@suitsme.app